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Permea Plus

1 a day Vegan Vegetarian

Permea Plus contains 26 vitally important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the living cells for amazing-looking, healthy hair, skin and nails.

The outward signs of a healthy body are healthy hair, skin and nails. Because these are not vital organs, they are the very last parts of the body to benefit from food nutrition, which is why a poor diet will show up first on these non-vital organs.

Permea Plus is a premium multivitamin that contains pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. For a full list of the ingredients in Permea Plus, please click here.

Permea Plus is manufactured to the highest GMP standards in the Netherlands.

  • Take Permea Plus as a natural insurance policy to keep your body healthy

  • Permea Plus has been recommended by doctors for over 13 years

  • The visible effects of Permea Plus are clearly seen within the first month of use

  • The premium ingredients, including Biotin, ensure faster hair growth

  • Nature's Face Lift: The silicon content is made from the Horsetail herb, which has a dramatic effect on the elasticity of re-connective tissue in the face

Permea Plus is easy to take
Dosage: For adults, 1 tablet per day with a meal.

Permea Plus is your daily multivitamin and can be taken long-term as a daily lifestyle choice. There is no need to take any other vitamin supplement, because everything you need is in Permea Plus.

Permea Plus

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